It’s time to start.

10 January 2014
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It’s time to start.  What you ask?  Well writing.  It’s been on my heart for a while.  It’s not something I think I’m amazing at, and as a matter of fact, after living abroad now for  over 17 years, I am sure that my grammar has declined, but I think maybe you will see past that and hear my heart.  That is what I want to share anyway, my heart, just a thought here and there, as I meditate.  No I am not the “all-knowing” and I by no means have all the answers.  Sometimes I may even be asking questions, but we are iron that is supposed to sharpen iron, and that doesn’t happen if the iron never touches.  So, hopefully I can touch some of my friends, and they can touch back and we will help each other to continue to grow and learn, and be shaped into what our Heavenly Father intended us to be.   So, it’s time to start.

I hope you will check in from time to time.  Leave a note to let me know you stopped by and let’s encourage each other.